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Reverend - s/t (1989) David Wayne


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Debut EP from David Wayne's band after he left Metal Church. It's meant to be really good, but I've never heard it and it seems to be impossible to get hold of. I love Metal Church, especially with DW on vocals, so I really want to hear these tunes. Does anyone have the CD? Just wondering whether anyone would be willing to email me the tracks (and if possible 'Remission' from the debut full-length, classic track).


David Wayne RIP.

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PM sent...and yes, the EP is quite good... prob the best thing Wayne did post-Metal Church ... sounds a lot like the first M.C. album.


His "solo" album "METAL CHURCH" (released on Nuclear Blast Recs. in 2000 or so under the band name "Wayne") ain't half bad neither.




...though I would've loved to have been a fly on the wall when the other Metal Church guys saw it. Not only did he have the balls to call the album "Metal Church," but the "Wayne" logo looks suspiciously like the classic MC logo and he even used the "guitar cross" from the first MC album on his album cover. I bet Kurt Vanderhoof must've been PISSED!!! :rofl:


Too bad his reunion album with MC (MASTERPEACE) was so lame.

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Thanks Fat Freddy, can't wait to hear the EP. Just love his voice. Nothing will ever top the Metal Church debut for me, but Reverend did some great tracks, my favourites being 'Remission', 'Heaven On Earth' and their cover of 'Fortunate Son'.


I had the Wayne - Metal Church album, good stuff. Not classic like the first 4 Metal Church albums (2 DW, 2 Mike Howe) imo, but still good.

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Sent ya the 4 Reverend tracks last night, James -- didja get'um?

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Yes, one of the best metal vocalists of all time for me. (And thanks for the Reverend tracks FF, nice one!)


Not sure I'd call Metal Church Power Metal though. I thought Power Metal applied to bands like Blind Guardian, Iced Earth, Stratovarius, etc? I'd have said MC were just a Heavy Metal band. I'm not sure if there's an official definition though...

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