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Someone sent me a link to this a week ago and it looks pretty cool to mess around with. I think Ive sent out about 50+ cds now.

I didnt see any other posts on this when I searched the forums


Basically you list all the cds you want to trade. Complete or disc only. Someone requests a cd, you send it out(The site has its own print label like paypal) You receive a credit or multiple credits if its a 2cd set ect.


Then you can search the site for what you want or if its not available you can add to your wish list and when its your turn its allocated to you.

Bad news Its USA only.


I picked up a cd called Accept & Quiet Riot - Take Two - 079895211327. Its one I hadnt seen and didnt have.


Its a good site if your looking for common cds that are extended versions or varaitions. Me I used it to get rid of alot of cds that I would have just thrown away. Things like religious, classical stuff.


Its just a fun site to play around with. Its not free. They charge you .50 to transfer funds from Paypal and .43s to request or to print a shipping label.


They also have sister companies DVDswap & bookswap. Same concept and credits can be transfered from one to the other. Again there is a catch. If you transfer from lets say cd to dvd you loose one credit for ever 3 you transfer.


Finally they have forums where you can swap out cds not listed in there system and old formats like cassette, 8-tracks ect.


swap cd

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I really wish someone would set up an international site like this. Would love to be a part of it.

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I really wish someone would set up an international site like this. Would love to be a part of it.



The international part probably would not work but your own swap site in Australia would. The site is set basically up on a honor system. If you pay for tracking when mailing you get your credit instantly. If you choose not to track it then your at the mercy of the receiver to mark it upon delivery as received and defective free. That is the only way to get your credit.


There is no getting your credit back if someone sends you a defective cd. The site does not take sides but does have a alert system if a sender gets to many marks on there account for defective cds.


I had one last night. She claims the cd skipped on first track. Didnt even give me a chance to reply or even attempt to fix the problem. Just marked as defective. I always test the first track on a cd. Sometimes the music is so horrible I dont get any further than the 1st track.


It just freakin amazes me that a common cd such as Twisted Sister - Stay Hunger has such a back up of people wanting it. If it wasnt already obvious to all us already. The music we collect in this era is the most sought of over any decade in history.

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Is this like that Lala site from a few years back?


I believe SwapaCD was started up by some disgruntled Lala.com users who were pissed that Lala did away with the CD-trading that had been the backbone of the site.


I enjoyed doing the trading thing on Lala and have been curious about trying out SwapaCD since Lala is no longer doing it; just haven't gotten round to it yet.

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