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Ratt's Newest Studio Album -- Infestation


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Okay so I'm not sure if there's another topic discussion on this but damn, this newest album is great. This is perhaps the best comeback from the glory bands I can think of? Believe me, I was about to write them off being a fan of Ratt's in the 80's, not cutting anything worth a damn since Detonator....in fact I think I like the newest more than Detonator..!? It's right there with Dancing and Reach for me. My fav is Invasion, its just short of that genious, but I absolutely love everything up until Detonator and as I mentioned I may like this more than Detonator, and think it's comparable to a tad updated version of "Dancing" which are huge words coming from me....


Pearcy sounds fresh, songwriting is there (they actually grow on ya too, good sign of solid material), and the riffing is there. Good guitar tone for once, crunch like the old days. Dont take my word for it? Check it out, the whole album being streamed pre-release....only for a few days so I hear



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I bought it the day it came out on 4/20/10 and it is classic-ish RATT. Pearcy sounds like himself, which is decent. The bass is heavier than the old days but it actually sounds good. DeMartini still has the best licks; they groove and just fit right in... I really like what they did on this record. They got away from that early 90s cheese too (e.g., "Lovin' You's a Dirty Job"). This able kicks your face in and, amazingly, Road Runner didn't botch the promotion on this album. They had GREAT Facebook Presence and though I couldn't make it to their Key Club party, I watched the video clips from it. I should've tried harder to show up!

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Ya, 'tis a good'un. I was pleasantly surprised since I wasn't expecting much. I hadn't even paid much attention to Planet Ratt since the REACH FOR THE SKY album, but the pre-release samples I heard of INFESTATIION were just too friggin' good!

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YES, a return of the glory days of RATT. I just listened to this again last night and the tune "Lost Weekend" sounded like it should have been on Invasion Of Your Privacy. Flat out a kick ass disc, I'm glad I bought it.

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