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  1. And also, I forgot to address...most of mine had that wavy back tray insert too. Some other indie presses have this, which is a result of a slightly bigger than normal back insert, not from water damage. I'm 99.9% of this too.
  2. They're all marked as promos....take it from me, I have had like 8 different originals of this thing and I noticed it over the years too (it stating it was a promo etc.). The guys prob did this since it was self financed and figured it was a taste of what they could do or demonstrate as a band to land a deal. It's a great CD, as good as anything else (I actually love it myself), but in reality all indies are promos or self-financed in hopes of kicksarting something, stirring up some interest. I think it was just their angle and did this on purpose with their pressing job. Maybe it was a management call who knows, but if they're not all marked as promos, 90% or more are that way. James I'd be curious to see if you might have overlooked this, cuz as stated yours may be rarer than the rest of ours. With all the ones I've seen and the others' spoken for here we have about 13 or so originals and yours is the only saying yours in no way says promo anywhere.
  3. Damn, yeah thx guys, my thoughts exactly....I pride myself in knowing (to an unhealthy level) lesser known melodic rock and AOR stuff, but I got nuthin on this one. This unknown track/band have to be European is my guess, just sounds like a non-US type of AOR to these ears. I didn't know this was unsolved for that long whiplash....reminds me of another long long un-ID'd track from a message board that specializes in 80's pop and new wave it's a fun place to check out too, this goes back to 2000 and it's still unsolved, these guys have tried everything to get someone to ID it I gotta commend such persistence just wish I could help http://nwoutpost.com/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=324&whichpage=1 Here's the actual youtube we made to try and solve this one just in case anyone may wanna hear it to take a stab at it.
  4. Was on youtube and saw this video of someone saying they needed help on Id'ing it. I figured I'd be able to help, then I listened to it....it's a nice AOR track, but even though it may sound familiar (dude's voice or sumthin) I dont know who it is either. Maybe someone here might recognize it, check it out below:
  5. Wow Keith, love the review. I totally agree with ya man....I can relate as an old Ratt fan as well, we have a lot of shared sentiments although I liked Reach (Detonator was hanging on), then by the 90's they became a train wreck in terms of new material to say the least. When I first heard of them doing something new I thought to myself "Great, they reunite to release another disappointing affair (like many others) to further bog down their classic catalog".....and I can say I'm so glad I was wrong, this thing measures up to anything Ratt has ever done during their heyday. This new one rawks, anybody whose ever liked any Ratt song or album should check this. They sound fresh while maintaining their true style that made us all love them in the first place. It's funny, some of the lyrics coined by Pearcy on this one sound as if he's some testosterone driven 25 yr old like he was in '84 (Lost Weekend and some others), while some of the others have real lyrical depth while staying fun, rocking, and still kinda sleazy. It comes off rather well, totally works for them at this point in their career. Wish other greats of yesterday would take note. Check it out, spin it a few times as it gets a good first impression and is even a grower from there (bordering onto a great release, almost there with Invasion, Dance, or Out of....just barely short of those brilliants of a band in their prime). As Keith said, they're in great musical shape here, to even have them being murmured to a day when they were a worldwide major label signed act is a feat in itself, cuz as you might guess they have a little bit (a lot) less riding on them now (in terms of investment and record company resource), yet they cut something on par with those huge releases, almost on their own cuz they simply wanted to. Love seeing this as a fan. RATT is BACK....Rockin All The Time (in my best 1986 voice)!! lol...
  6. "Infestation" f**kin rawks. PERIOD.
  7. Yeah man, just wrote this thread too....this thing kicks ass imho, gotta reward guys like this for cutting a record like this in 2010. Very true to form without sounding too dated in my opinion I'm giving it a 9 out of 10 (I first gave it maybe an 8 and its growing on me big time), and just for the record I give all of their post-Detonator output 6's or below, im not one who just rates a band's material good cuz i loved their previous albums. I'm a strict grader....but this deserves any Ratt fans' attention, no lie. Here's my post as I mentioned, for more of a review: http://heavyharmonies.ipbhost.com/index.php?showtopic=24378
  8. Okay so I'm not sure if there's another topic discussion on this but damn, this newest album is great. This is perhaps the best comeback from the glory bands I can think of? Believe me, I was about to write them off being a fan of Ratt's in the 80's, not cutting anything worth a damn since Detonator....in fact I think I like the newest more than Detonator..!? It's right there with Dancing and Reach for me. My fav is Invasion, its just short of that genious, but I absolutely love everything up until Detonator and as I mentioned I may like this more than Detonator, and think it's comparable to a tad updated version of "Dancing" which are huge words coming from me.... Pearcy sounds fresh, songwriting is there (they actually grow on ya too, good sign of solid material), and the riffing is there. Good guitar tone for once, crunch like the old days. Dont take my word for it? Check it out, the whole album being streamed pre-release....only for a few days so I hear http://www.therattpack.com/board_posts/listen-to-infestation-here
  9. How have ya not heard Dokken, or much of them? You're missing out man....I thought we all had to pay our Dokken dues when growing up lol jk. Both bands are great, but yeah I wouldn't exactly equate Mr Scary's sound with Dokken's per se, but I'd say most people who enjoy crunchy melodic rock would like both even though they each got their unique styles within the genre
  10. That's really crappy....why don't you seek legal action, report him. How did you go about paying him?
  11. Staryder, not to get on a tangent, but who does Lust Puppy sound like? What's the CD called, year? Don't tell me they sound like Testament or sumthin, love that kinda thrash.........
  12. Good question. As far as I know, you can't find out.....goes to show, why would ebay do this? The answer is so people cannot have as good of an idea on shill bidders. Like you say, if people get away with hiking prices, this makes ebay higher commissions. I'm afraid it's a lost cause. Ebay won't do sh*t about it either.
  13. I've had the music addiction go all the way back from my when I lived at home and my mom (back when) to losing a few girlfriends over it (and other addictions), and the battle continues. I have found women to be a pretty expensive hobby (whether it's time, headaches/drama, or of course money), and I am such an independent person that I find myself like melodicrockoz.....I won't budge on my few passions in life, and thats just the way it is. I'm otherwise a mellow person, but when women try and change me it makes me get hostile too. I usually end up saying to myself, I'll change to whatever you want if you change to whatever I want which would be a lingerie-wearing inviting her hot friends to join vixen ha. Naturally I specialize in short term relationships. But as far as music and collecting goes, thats long term
  14. I can see how Metal T would be upset tho, and I do know that Koogles is way more organized/upfront about everything that pertains to the CD's he sells.
  15. Yeah I had thought that too. Honestly, Switchblade is prob one of my fav tracks by the gang and had often wondered here and there about this same question. I have the Jap and domestic version, I believe that the Jap version is possibly different/a tad better in my opinion. Like u all said, it's most notable on Switchblade, great great track.
  16. And to add to all of this praise, my order arrived promptly with all the CD's etc. (had a big order, and was mixing and matching when talking to Mike during the order lol). *AS EXPECTED HE GOT EVERYTHING PERFECT* Also, to those who think they're a bit pricey, I don't, they only carry intermediate to rare stuff (reissues/remastered) of high quality products and usually are a one stop find for all the stuff we dig (AOR/MHR)....all for about $15 a disc.
  17. Yup, this thread even provoked me to put in about a $250 order lol.....ok I had an ongoing (NEH) list and it had been about a year's worth of time coming so I finally picked up the loose ends Can't wait to get it all. As stated, it should be quick, cuz these guys' customer service is in a league of its own. Always very smooth.
  18. Yeah, I got one, exactly like Lizzy's.....this shouldn't even be a question even though I know stupid ass Ebay/PayPal doesn't wanna deal with goin backwards on already banked commissions. This shit is bs, Ebay/PayPal make it next to impossible to ever have any recourse against shitheads like this, knowingly/making boots and selling them as originals.
  19. Yeah, as stated, although I've been a victim of his mistakes when buying, I can also relate as I have been there before....overall a good guy. I hope to see him back in full swing to what he once was, organized and such. He seemed to find good/rare pieces here and there, indies/etc.
  20. Naw man, I agree it was a while ago, and the last time I delt with him. No hard feelings, he just never got back to me. I tried a good 2 or 3 times, and u were the only one who responded back saying he'll fix it, but he himself would never respond. You worked for him, and even if the mistake was made by you (not saying it was), but I understood that any kind of reimbursement was gonna have to be made/cleared by him and it just never happened. I mean after the non responses to my emails to him I figured I was barkin at a dead tree. He either wanted to fix it or didn't, or was too busy to do so. Either way he may have not seen it worth makin right, and figured the little mud was worth it...? I just wasn't thrilled with how it panned out of course. So that's that. I had delt with him on other occasions and things went pretty much like the others say, at times slow, but would go smoothly, more or less.
  21. He's a good guy, but ass backwards sometimes. I got ripped for an Edane a few years back, guess it was a mistake and never got nuthin in return even though I paid.
  22. I dunno about that - the country thang isn't too appealing - LOL. I agree, leave the country stuff alone and concentrate on what retrospect does....RAWK!! Great news for ya man, happy for you and the company, congrats
  23. I went with Vain as well....to me basically the best truly sleazy hard rock album out there, and a classic '89 release. That being said, I really think Crashdiet's "Rest" is so excellent that it is about the only CD that I can think of that could contend with Vain, so it's up there too, which says a whole lot. Great poll by the way.
  24. No problem man, I know you're not a teacher, it's just an interesting mix of bands. Made me wonder what the basis was for the poll. Its a bunch of bands that definitely aren't the norm here so I figured people might have some mixed feelings about a few, that's all....and don't worry your english is just fine.
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