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Rock N America

Jacob M.

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Does the US have something against new bands?

Every band on that bill is old-school, with the majority of them washed up and over the hill.


No wonder it's so difficult for new bands to break when you have a promoters put on a recycle-fest like this one.


Not too say that i wou;dn't go if it was in my backyard, but seriosuly.... a bit of new flavour in the line-up wouldn't go astray.

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That's a dream lineup.

DRF is that same weekend and I think the Midwest festival in Kansas is the same weekend as well. :headbanger:


I just checked and you are right. That really amazes me. 3 fests, many of the same bands, and all on the same weekend. How does that happen? There is more than one weekend in summer.

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