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Help with a House of Shakira song

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I have this 'untitled' song....and I've gone crazy trying to find the name of it...


The chorus goes:


I wish I knew how to survive

survival is all I'm asking for....

What would you do if I asked you to...

Put on your coat and walk out the door....


thanks, in advance....



Ok...I've found the song title, 'Wish to Survive', but on which album is it on?????

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Not overly familiar with the band, but it was on this MTM compilation


Could be that its exclusive to that, or a Jap bonus track.

I dont recognise the Jaded Heart track on that compilation either.

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It's a bonus track on the re-release of the album III. So a pretty obscure one and I haven't heard it myself. Love the band though, especially their first CD Lint.

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