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Heir Apparent/Sweet Sister Sam demos

Guest Roy

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Here's a little something for all of you fans of Tony Martin-era Black Sabbath and Queensryche. The actual band's name I believe was Sweet Sister Sam, but this 4 song EP-ish demo usually circulates under the name of singer's (Steve Benito) previous band, Heir Apparent (also essential stuff).

Anyway, give it a listen, it just plain rocks. The sound is demo quality, but holy crap, the songs, the VOCALS kick serious ass. Imagine Tony Martin with a bit of Geoff Tate thrown in for good measure, and you pretty much have Steve Benito.







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yes this is amazing stuff, check also both of the band's releases.


I don't know why people believe that this is Sweet Sister Sam. I have seen in real life a cassette of this demo and it writes Heir Apparent on it. Besides, Terry Gorle, the guitar player on both their albums claims that he sued them and stopped them because they were using the Heir Apparent name while he alone had the copyrights...

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