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Lifted from Blabbermouth earlier today - Classic Dokken line-up set to return:


Sunday, February 21, guitarist George Lynch (Lynch Mob, Souls Of We, Dokken) was interviewed by host Jim Alvino on the "Turn It Up" show on the WSCA 106.1 FM radio station. Topics of discussion included new albums by Souls Of We and Lynch Mob; songwriting; recording with other artists; and Lynch Mob's November 2009 West Coast shows as the support act for Dokken. During the chat, Lynch also revealed that he has been writing songs for a new Dokken album with the band's classic 1980s lineup.

An excerpt from the interview follows below.

Turn It Up: The shows that you did at the end of last year, with Lynch Mob opening for Dokken, and at the end the classic lineup of Dokken playing together again, has that now blown up into that lineup working together again?

George Lynch: "Yes, actually it has. And that's something that isn't gonna happen for a little while. We all have our respective commitments, meaning Jeff, Mick, Don and myself are all real busy this year doing other things. But we've all made a commitment to each other to dedicate ourselves to getting back together. We've already got three songs on the table and we're gonna continue to write throughout the year and put the whole business together and probably go in the studio late fall or early winter of this year and then have a record out toward late spring of next year, and then hit the road."

The entire 27-minute interview in which Lynch discusses the new Dokken material offers an update on Souls Of We will be re-aired during "Turn It Up" on Saturday, February 27 at 6:00 p.m. EST.

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