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motivational posters malware warning?


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Each time i try to view the motivational posters thread this message pops up-the website at Heavyharmonies.ipbhost.com contains elements from the site www.angryduck.com which appears to host malware-.


Anybody else come across this?I'm sure it's AVG anti virus kicking in.

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I haven't gotten that message, though I also don't have the most updated spyware. I'll be interested to see the responses.


If it's common, I'll go back and take them down (and make sure not to use that site again).

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If the image is being hosted here from one of those other sites, THAT site could possibly have some questionable things attached to it. It's probably better to find the pics, copy them and upload them to photobucket or imageshack and then post them here.

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Is there a way a mod can do a post search and delete any pictures from angryduck.com without too much trouble?


I just did a search of that term, but it only shows this thread. Since the pictures show and not the address that is used, they don't come up, therefore I can't find them, let alone delete them.


I definitely will host those pics, but I don't have the time/energy to host all that I post. Especially because imageshack (the best hosting site I've found) still isn't perfect and occasionally deletes a picture or 20. But I'll gladly modify from here on in. But, if a mod could do a search without wasting too much time, at least so bangerdave could view, that'd be cool. (Or let me know how I could fix them too.)

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