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Threshold - Paradox: The Singles Collection (8cd Box Set)


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As always, Threshold come up trumps with their 'Direct To Fans' releases, and this latest one is their best yet by far.


Paradox: The Singles Collection


An 8 Disc Box set containing radio singles and rare b-sides. Comes with 20 page booklet and some really very nice packaging. All tracks mostly previously unreleased in these versions.



Avaliable over at their website www.thresh.net





Track List:


CD 1

1. Paradox (radio version)

2. Conceal The Face

3. Shifting Sands


CD 2

1. Sunseeker (radio version)

2. Fist Of Tongues

3. Half Way Home


CD 3

1. Virtual Isolation (radio version)

2. Somatography (alternative version)

3. Smile At The Moon


CD 4

1. Freaks (radio version)

2. Voyager II (urban version)

3. Change (acoustic version)


CD 5

1. Light And Space (radio version)

2. Long Way Home (alternative version)

3. Turn On Tune In (compound version)


CD 6

1. Phenomenon (radio version)

2. New Beginning

3. Round And Round (acoustic version)


CD 7

1. Mission Profile (radio version)

2. Flags And Footprints (acoustic version)

3. The Ravages Of Time (live version)


CD 8

1. Pilot In The Sky Of Dreams (radio version)

2. Elusive (radio version)

3. Safe To Fly (acoustic version)

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Gave this a good long listen today at work. Excellent wide variety of tunes from all eras. Well worth picking up!




Yep - Some really sweet unreleased stuff on here, aswell as the alternate versions.

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I used to love this band but once Damian Wilson left they lost something earthy and real. Looks like a good pack for fans though.... good on em.

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