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Blackwood Creek - Featuring Kip Winger


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First off I didn't even know anything about this until just seeing something over at Melodicrock.

Second I had no idea that Kip Winger was from Littleton, Colorado(home of Columbine High School).



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Yep, I had no idea it was coming either but got an opportunity to hear an advance yesterday as I waited for my puggell to vomit up a whole block of chocolate she'd just eaten.


Anyway, it's not bad. Far better than his other solo CDs, but definitely not a Winger CD either. A little more stripped back, but still rocks a bit. Production is maybe a little cleaner than 'Karma' but the songs are nowhere near as good. It won't blow anyone away, but I think fans of Kip will enjoy this enough.

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I don't remember this one... will have to see if I still have it around somewhere in some format.

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