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THE LEAGUE - New TV series on FX


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Has anyone watched this hilarous show yet?

It's a half hour comedy that follows 'Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia' on Thursday nights.


I can't believe how much shit they get away with in this show through two episodes so far.

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first I think I've heard of it. when does it come on? Thursdays it Supernatural night for me when it comes back on. if it is at a different time slot I'll check it out.


I think it was Thursday last season and it came on at 11pm here but I think it comes on at 9 or 10pm where you're at but not for sure.

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From Yahoo TV:



Why You Should Watch 'The League'

By Mindy Monez, TWoP | Wednesday, September 15, 2010, 6:04 PM



Are you watching "The League"?

FX/Jeremy CowartThe second season of "The League" begins September 16, and though it's on a popular cable network (FX) and is by far one of the funniest shows on television, we keep having a hard time finding people who have seen it. Here are the main reasons why it's worth your time. Other than the fact that it's, you know, hilarious.




The Cast



Everyone in the cast is funny and they all have a genuinely great chemistry with each other. You really believe they're friends, and since the show is only semiscripted, you get great moments of ad-libbing that are funnier than any sitcom's scripted moments.




These Are Your Friends



It's a time-honored requirement of sitcom characters, but it's in place for a reason — everybody knows at least one of these guys' real-life counterparts. Paul Scheer's character is Andre, the insecure guy who thinks he's become a big shot and wears silly hats he saw on "Entourage." Taco (Jonathan Lajoie) is the weirdo stoner. Nick Kroll's character is a sarcastic jerk with a boring job. Kevin (Stephen Rannazzisi) is the married one whose kid embarrasses him. They're everymen, only funnier.




[Check out all the cable shows coming your way this fall.]




You Don't Need to Know Anything About Football to Find It Funny



Yes, there will be a scene that shows the league's draft, and if you don't know anything about football you'll be a little bit in the dark, but scenes like that are always peppered with jokes and asides that have nothing to do with sports, so you'll always have something to laugh at.




But If You Do Know Things About Football, It's Awesome



There are discussions of Adrian Peterson's beautiful Purple Jesus hammies. There is mockery of a foolish league member who drafted Tiki Barber — in 2009. Cursing of Joseph Addai. Endless Ochocinco jokes. The show's definitely more about this group of comedians hanging out than it is about football, but the football references that are there are very enjoyable, if you're into that.







All the Leaguers are very funny, but Taco is the most universally awesome. He participates in the league despite not knowing anything about football or even really knowing what it is, he tries to pay his league fees in poems and homemade hummus, and he's the kind of man who marches up to the manager of a car dealership and says, "My name is Taco, and I wanna work here," and gets hired on the spot.




If you missed Season 1, get caught up with the finale right here:

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