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Is there any Nascar fans out ther in metal land ??? I have been watching Nascar about as long as I have been collecting CD's and to me it is getting to be a joke . Talladega was a joke I paid $300 bucks to watch guys drive around a track . Hell I could have did that on the freeway for free . Just looks like to me that the governing body of Nascar has to many rules . You can't bump draft you are racing to hard at the begining of the race and so on ......... It just pisses me off that it is turning to this . Hell racing sucks and my Oakland Raiders look like crap at least the Yankees WON.............

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I'd rather suck the boil on my mother-in-law's neck.. :puke:


My friends all tried to get me to watch, but I'm jumping out the window before the race starts....

Nascar fans are worst than Jehova Witnesses.. They temp you with beer and try to brainwash you to throwing a nascar party... :tsk:


Unless there is a crash and someone dies, I find it painful to watch cars going around in a circle....

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