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EDIT - I'M AN IDIOT. I meant NEH Records. DUH! :doh:


I'm thinking of ordering some stuff from them, but I'm wondering if anyone here has bought from them before. Even though they seem to be a legit company, you never know (like HSF's experience with Kivel)... <_<

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I've NEVER had a bad experience with NEH Records, and I've ordered from them probably half a dozen times in the past year or so.... Good company! B)


I've also had good experiences with Impulse Music:






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NEH is very very trustworthy. I've gone through them many times in the past and have always had great service and fair prices. I would greatly recommend them B)

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Christine I always go there first because they have such great prices. I always look there first for something. What I like to is it's usually mailed next day and I have it within two days, three at the most. I'm always looking at the coming soon list! Gets me in trouble. :D

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