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Dragon Age: Origins


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I have not played a serious in depth video game in quite some time (Lego Start Wars with my wife does not count).

The last one I really enjoyed and finished was Assassins Creed.

I saw an ad for this game during the football game last night and it looked interesting.

I would try it on the XBox 360 if I get it.


Anyone else going to try it?



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Probably, but not for a while. Modern Warfare 2 will be out next Tuesday, and I'm gonna play the shit outta that game. Dragon Age has no co-op, so there's no rush for me to play it. I'll probably borrow it off a buddy.

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I hear ya. I was hoping for coop as well, something like Baldur's gate, because my wife likes to play console games in coop mode.

Oh well. I will probably check it out anyway...that and Assassins Creed 2.

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I was getting texts from my buddy all day,yesterday, about how amazing this game is. It's tempting, but I've got no time for it right now. I'm still on Borderlands (you should check it out. Amazing co-op!), I haven't finished Brutal Legend, and I've got Forza 3. No time at all.

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Funny you mention that, a guy at work told me the same thing about Borderlands yesterday. Problem is the wife doesnt like shoot 'em up, she like RPG's which I like, but I also like cause a little carnage with guns too.

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