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The Ting Ting's


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I just heard something other then their trendy song, That's Not My Name, you guys need to check out a song called Shut Up And Let Me Go!!! What a fantastic sound, and a fucking unique band! I think I might fancy these guys(and girl)!

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They're from Manchester so they're a local band...well fer me haha. My wife's friends daughter is well into them and has seen them quite a few times.

Don't do much for me but I'm not as apathetic about them as I used to be. At least they rock a little and it isn't the same old Simon Cowell type manufactured drivel. So good on 'em....not my bag though!

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Their band is almost a Funk rock band, they are way tight, I mean the excellent production probably has to do with it, but god! they sound cool!

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Not bad as pop goes but not my cup of tea either. They sound like a much better version of the Black Eyed Peas. I will admit that their sound is very different. At least they have that going for them.

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