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Powerspace Kicks of Passion


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Modern rock/power pop with a great vocalist imo. Their myspace page states they are in studio and they have no song samples up there but if anyone's interested you can check them out at purevolume.com or Itunes.


Not a bad band. Right on right now is a killer track and really shows Alec Cyganowski's vocal range.



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Just thought I'd bump this one as it appears that a few of the guys from this band went on to become Bad City. I have this CD at home... just can't really remember much about it. Will listen asap to recap.

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Wow. Did not make that connection but yea, I see guitarist and chief songwriter Tom Schleiter and drummer Kevin Kane are in Bad City now. Very cool.


Was a little disappointed in this disc overall, after listening to it through and through. Absolutely love the song Right On Right Now (cranked it just yesterday in fact) and really like a few other tracks but there was several I'd be okay with never hearing again.

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Yep, correct you are on those two guys. Reading the liner notes on Bad City as well, I notice they both still thank their former band mate/s too. Listening to the 2 CDs it would be super hard to pick up the connection. I agree with you, the Powerspace disc really ain't that good. I spun it again this morning for interest's sake and didn't dig much from it. I think the main reason I got it was for 'Quarantine My Heart (Baby),' which is still a pretty sweet track. 'Be Aggressive', 'This Is Not What You Had Planned' and 'Choose Your Own Adventure' were all pretty decent too, but yeah, you could easily do without this CD in your collection. :)

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The story gets even more interesting. It seems that guitarist Max Perenchio (also in Bad City) had also been in Powerspace for a while since the debut release, and Jake Serek (Bass, Bad City) had been in the band since 2008. Most interestingly, Powerspace had actually recorded a 2nd album, with 4/5 members from Bad City, and were due to release 'American Machine' in early 2010.


So it seems that Bad City is merely Powerspace with a new lead singer. One can now not help but be super intrigued to hear this shelved album, 'American Machine.' Let the search begin!

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