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Im lucky this year, I got Rothlesberger, Adrian Peterson, and Anquain Boldin, now entering week 7, my roster is almost 100% different with the exception of these 3 players, lately ive stumbled onto something I really never had in the pas, 2 players I don't ever have to move, or mess with, and they dont give me Peterson numbers, they consistently give me double digits every week, they are Jaguars QB David Garrard, and Redskins TE Chris Cooley, it seems like anytime I pick up a reciever, they get hurt, I have Jericho Coultrey, and Mario Manningham, yesterday I picked up someone my brother recommended to me, Johnny Knox of the Bears, and Braylon Edwards, of the Jets, do you guys have any consistent players that absolutely have no noteriety? just players that no one even bats a second glance at, but they give you consistent numbers every week? if so who are they, Im starting to believe im better off waiving the big named injury mongers, and stocking up on consistent unknowns.

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I'm just trying to figure out if I can sucker someone in my league to take Tomlinson and Portis off my hands.


I have Big Ben and Fitzgerald in my league too. Not fortunate enough to have Peterson.


I grabbed Leo Washington awhile back hoping that Thomas Jones would come back to reality and because Washington had a big finish to last season. No such luck with him so far.


Noone comes to mind as far as no names right now.

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Here's what's funny about me getting Adrian, I picked 3rd, the first guy took Tom Brady, the next guy was one of those just picking guys from the Doncos, his fav team, he took Eddie Royal, so bam there I was, in a state of shock, I could not believe I was going to get Peterson, and to tell u the truth, he's decide 3 games for me, I just really need to balance shit out, every reciever I have is injured, but they are all big point guys when healthy, I waived Santana Moss, and the next week he got like 35 points, I'm thinking about grabbing that TE from the Texans, he seems to be a huge target for Shaube, I just don't want to keep moving players, Its getting expensive and its been unproductive!

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