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GRAND OPENING! Online Music Shop


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Please visit my new online shop for both vintage and modern items for all genres of classic and current bands, including patches, backpatches, stickers, decals, magnets, keychains, shirts, CDs, cassettes, 8-tracks, vinyl and more!




Here is the home page, from there use the categories or the search bar to browse for bands/items you may be interested in. Please also visit the About, Terms and FAQ links. I think all will find the site easy to use, no auctions, all items in stock and ready to sell!


New items are still being added all the time, please keep me in your bookmarks. Thanks for looking! :)

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Halfway thru the Grand Opening month... some items are no longer availible but many more items have been added, nearing 1600+ current listings!


New catagories include Sealed Cassettes, Songbooks & TAB, VHS and more. New items added often, and more catagories to come.


Enter SALE in the store search bar to pull up reduced priced items, some as low as .99 cents! Search TEXAS to locate Texas artists and favorites. More tips in the shop FAQ page :)

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Many thanks to all my buyers, browsers and well wishers for a great Grand Opening month! Many great items to come.


For weekly updates on new listings in the online shop, please subscribe to my myspace blog www.myspace.com/herbrocks


Thanks for looking! :)

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FYI, I've met Herb in person and he is the genuine 110% real thing. So if you're worried about getting burned, I would say you've got nothing to worry about! Herb is not only a great source for all things rock'n'roll but a true fan of the genre in every respect!

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Thanks guys!!! :)

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