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BRITTON "Rock Hard" classic 1988 album now re-released

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Britton were formed in 1985 by lead vocalist Michael Britton and lead guitarist Jim McMellen. They recruited Gary Holland (ex-Great White) on drums and bassist Greg Chaissson (who was later to join Jake E Lee’s Badlands). Last to join the band was Patrick Schunk, who supported with keyboards and rhythm guitar. The band recorded demos at The Record Plant which were featured on “Ten Best of the West”, a Rhino Records compilation of the 10 best yet unsigned bands in ’87. At this time, Greg Chaisson had left and was replaced by Skip Frank. The Record Plant demo’s and the Rhino compilation album resulted in a deal with TSR Records, a sub to the CBS label. The band released their highly acclaimed album “Rock Hard” in 1988, singles lifted from the album achieved extensive radio coverage all over the states, and the album received great reviews from most respected rock magazines at that time. 2009, for the first time ever, we will have the chance to listen to 20 amazing Britton tracks on CD format supported with the original artwork, pictures, lyrics, comments by frontman Mike and Jim of the band and a sound that is better than ever. Britton where definitely a band that deserved much more success than they gained back in the day when relatively many melodic rock bands sold gold and platinum in the US, but with this release their classic “Rock Hard” album has finally gotten its worthy reissue.




Michael Britton (vocals)

Jim McMellen (guitar)

Skip Frank (bass)

Patrick Schunk (keyboards, guitar)

Gary Holland (drums)


Produced by: Britton

Engineered by: Joe Floyd, Neil Schaefer

Mixed by : Michael Wagener, Eddie Delena, Rick Delena, Joe Floyd

Remastered by: Michael Britton



1. Hold On (single version- bonus track)

2. Heart So Lonely (bonus track)

3. Living On The Red Line

4. Drinking & Driving

5. Over The Edge

6. Mystery To Me (bonus track)

7. Name The Time

8. Demons In My Head (bonus track)

9. She’s My Lady (bonus track)

10. She Lights The Fire

11. On Top And Ready (bonus track)

12. Rock Hard

13. Ii’s Just A Game You Play (bonus track)

14. Lee Ann (bonus track)

15. Don’t Wanna Be Your Fool

16. Time And Distance (bonus track)

17. Keeper Of The Flame (bonus track)

18. You’re The One (bonus track)

19. Bring On The Body (bonus track)

20. Hold On (original version)

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Damn, I'd actually like to hear this one. Sadly, I have two copies of 'Rock harder' and really aren't looking at adding another version to the collection. I do hope to pick it up for a bargain somewhere along the line, though.

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