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  1. Hi there

    I´m interested in these of your list:

    GOTTHARD s/t

    LOUDNESS Thunder in the east

    Here´s my trade list. Please, tell me if you find any good stuff for manage a trade. Thanx and best wishes.


    -TERRAROSA-s/t (2004) (great hard AOR, like Heaven & earth, Rainbow…)

    -MAMA´S BOYS – Live tonite (great work from 1993)


  2. j2aortrade

    Looks like rock, but its not?

    hahaha...the same story for all collectors who were wasting time in little and obscure hidding shops ( before internet and ebay, of course...) I bought a lot of that "kind" of stuff (very good covers and inserts,and awfull music....)I can´t remeber all of them with I waste my money, but I have an special bad feeling of this one: WAABA-NEE-s/t . These guys should be put in jail for wear leather dresses and disturb people´s ears...
  3. j2aortrade


    Incredible record (and great videos too...). A must for all AOR/MRock lover... Please, let´s buy it, don´t download...we need more music like this one...
  4. j2aortrade

    LINE OF FIRE news...

    Here in Spain waiting for this release too. Animo, and don´t give up, guys!!!
  5. j2aortrade

    Renaissance Records - Upcoming Release

    I´ve got various records from Rennaisance,and it sounds great quality,and good quality covers...(Keats, Balance, Spider...) Expecting about T.Cain & Shangai ones...
  6. Great!!! Now I won´t have to spend more money in "evilbay" (yesterday was my last effort to get it)...
  7. j2aortrade

    Servant at Last!

    At last I found the song that was driving me crazy for big time!!! The song : Harder to finish The group : SERVANT The album : Swimming in a human ocean (1985) Great 80´s christian AOR, catchy chorus and guitars, quiet but rough album.if you want a comparation, take 20/20, Liaison first album, rocker Michael W. Smith... The link. http://rapidshare.com/files/144305270/Serv...Human_Ocean.zip
  8. j2aortrade

    Unruly Child original line up reunite!

    A question: Anybody know any record/song of M.Free after his change? I haven´t heard anything of this one, and I´m very fan of his/her voice... Can´t wait for take a listening of their new material...
  9. j2aortrade

    Female Artists/Bands...

    My fave 5 female fronted bands. -BLUE 46 (amazing discover of this european band, check it if you can...) -WITNESS -HEADPINS -FEMME FATALE -FIGHTER (the christian band,with Amy Wolter singing, all their records masterpieces...)
  10. Sorry...yeah, yeah, Retroactive recods, forgive me... I´m going blind, for Thai-Boxing... P.D. I wanna mean "for look too many Thai-boxing films..."
  11. j2aortrade

    Jaded Heart - Perfect Insanity

    Where are going the 90´s records of MRockers???? I supose they will say that "it´s an evolution" of their music...but I miss their classic...
  12. j2aortrade


    In my humble opinion, this new work smells bad, if you are expecting the firts sounds (bad for me too). I would like another 80´s-90´s record, with clean sound and perfect production (and hairy photos of group members) but you know this is very difficult (specially the "hairy look")... Time will tell
  13. j2aortrade

    Compact Disc World R.I.P.

    Here In Spain it´s the same. A lot of second hand stores in Madrid not exist anymore, and the only one that is resisting is The Metralleta, but it´s not the same than old times (80´s, 90´s). Now there´s only 3 tables with cd´s, and very few rare cd´s of all styles (they only expose most popular items...) The cause is mp3, of course, and maybe crisis... bad times for us the collectors...
  14. j2aortrade

    Top 5 CDs in your stereo!

    Mine... 1-WIG WAM - In my dreams (only this song) 2- FATE - Scratch´n´sniff 3-WHAT IF - s/t 4- GIANT - LAST OF RUNAWAYS 5- PETRA - On fire
  15. A Mastedon new album???? Would be the most expecting christian release for me... 2 albums of mastedon are top ten in my collection...

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