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Upcoming Releases 09.09.09 (STORMSPELL RECORDS)


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In this batch:

ROTTING CORPSE - The Demos - Double CD DVD Set - forefathers of the Texan thrash metal. Collection of all demos (16 tunes) plus bonus live DVD to boot. Essential for fans of Gammacide, Heaven's Force, Devastation, Hammerwitch, Hellpreacher, and early Slayer.

MIDNIGHT PRIEST - Rainha De Magia Negra CD - Portuguese street urchin gang giving early Iron Maiden the run for their money.


ANCIENT CROSS - Ancient Cross CD - Texan classic power metal following the steps of Reverend, early Metal Church, Syrus, Wyzard, early Crimson Glory, etc. Fans of epic metal with soaring vocals should take note.


NOVOY ZAVET (aka NEW TESTAMENT) - Apocalypse CD - Cult Orthodox Christian power/thrash metal with doomy overtones from the Soviet Union. This album was recorded in 1993 but never officially released on CD until now. For fans of Trouble, Solitude Aeturnus, Ultimatum, etc. Sung in English (albeit quite broken).


DARK BLACK - The Sellsword CD - best described as Early Lord Weird Slough Feg meets Thin Lizzy with some of the best twin axe work I've heard recently. Highly recommended. From Portland, Oregon.


TARGET - Mission Executed + Master Project Genesis + Demo 1986 Double CD set - Well known and respected 80s Belgian techno-thrashers following in the steps of the mighty Mekong Delta. You can save your money now from buying ugly bootlegs on ebay for $200 , just pick this beautiful double CD set which not only contains the highly collectible Demo 1986 as bonus, but also 16-page booklet with all lyrics, tons of archive pictures, and exclusive in-depth interview with founding guitarist Franky Van Aerde.


Exact release date and detailed info to be posted on the label website (www.stormspell.com/label) soon.

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i prefer novy zavet's first 2 vinyls. did they send you a box of the singles of a.nevskiy as well? i need one.... :headbanger:


Personally I prefer the first two albums by far too, but I'm so disgusted with people asking me "are they sung in English?" and then smirking out and walking away, so I'm giving all those the perfect GIBBERINGLISH album.


Apocalypse is still very stellar album musicwise - just imagine a classic TROUBLE or SOLITUDE AETURNUS sung by an young Tarzan coming to the studio out of the jungles :)

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