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Camy Todorow '2Souls In 1'


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Hi all -


Listening to Camy Todorow '2 Souls In 1' at the mo - anyone heard of this lady (I guess you all have)? This is a second spin for me - just trying to get a handle on the second half of this album... The first half and a a bit is awesome Melodic Hard Rock and then she meanders off on a tangent that even see's here doing some God awful Dance track, as for 'Nights In White Satin' (WTF). I remember Izabella's album being a game of two halves as well with the second half being the best. Why o' why do they do it?


Has anyone else come across this particular anomaly with albums that start out all AOR (or in Izabella's case - in reverse) only to seriously meander off in another direction?


Thanks -



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It's just an ok album with nothing spectacular on it at all. And as for the dance track you refer to which is Chain Of Fools @ 7.24 mins long it's just horrible followed by the cover of Nights In White Satin again horrible. Some of the better tracks are...











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