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ROCK GONE WILD FESTIVAL - Changing Locations!


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Not sure if anyone around here is going to this but it has changed locations.

I'm not sure how far away the change is but it sounds like a good change with a Casino involved.



Rock Gone Wild, America's newest and most diverse rock festival, is on the move — literally.


Organizers of the show announced that the Iowa-based, four-day festival is being moved from Freedom Park in Algona to The Diamond Jo Casino in Northwood.


"The size of the festival necessitated the change," stated Donnie Frizzell, managing partner of Rock Gone Wild. "Thus, the move to Diamond Jo's will allow us to best serve the fans of the festival who have already bought tickets, all of the great bands we've booked, our employees and those who are still making plans to attend."


"We'd like to thank everyone involved at Abate and the City of Algona who helped us prepare over the last year for the event. Unfortunately, after visiting the venue several times this year and also looking forward to next year, we decided to make the move to best serve the future of the festival," Nathalie Faghihi, festival general manager, added.


The Diamond Jo Casino is a gambling casino and entertainment complex located just south of the Iowa/Minnesota border on Interstate 35 in Northwood. The new venue is 110 miles south of Minneapolis and 135 miles north of Des Moines, which means fans who are flying into those areas will actually be closer to the venue than they would have been to the Algona site.


"This is the first four-day, mega rock, outdoors festival in the world that has aligned itself with a major casino location," Frizzell said. "We want to offer all concert goers the ultimate experience to fulfill all of their entertainment desires. This is something Rock Gone Wild as an intellectual property will roll out worldwide in 2010."


A list of hotels in the Clear Lake/Mason City and Albert Lea areas will be posted at the festival web site this week. "There are more than 20 major hotels in the area to accommodate our fans," Frizzell added.


"The move allows us to consolidate our festival operations into one premium site that is located just off a major highway," Frizzell continued. "We will be able to set-up stages in one venue instead of two, and can use the hotel and casino to accommodate the bands, media and also give fans something to do after the music stops."


The festival will still be held on August 20-23. All previously sold tickets will be honored on the original dates. VIP, Platinum and general admission advance tickets are now on sale. RV and tent camping site are also available for those wanting to experience everything at Rock Gone Wild has to offer.


The festival organizers have announced the lineups for each day of the festival:


Thursday, August 20:












Friday, August 21:















Saturday, August 22:








L.A. GUNS (featuring Phil Lewis)











Sunday, August 23:


















Visit www.rockgonewild.com for updated festival information.

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Damn, I'm heading down there and was totally unaware.

They didn't send an email, snail mail or anything.

I'll shoot Uncle Saxon an email 'cause I'm pretty sure he booked a hotel.

Thanks for the heads up.


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no pistolero's .. no crazy lixx ... no tigertailz ... no tyketto .... man o man ... i hope hardcore superstar isn't next

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no pistolero's .. no crazy lixx ... no tigertailz ... no tyketto .... man o man ... i hope hardcore superstar isn't next


No Crazy Lixx or Tyketto?

Those two were two of the biggest reasons I wanted to go.

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no pistolero's .. no crazy lixx ... no tigertailz ... no tyketto .... man o man ... i hope hardcore superstar isn't next


No Crazy Lixx or Tyketto?

Those two were two of the biggest reasons I wanted to go.


i know .... to good to be true

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Tyketto and Tigertailz are still listed on their website?

Agreed...them, Dangerous Toys and Dirty Looks are the main reasons I asked the Mrs., bought a ticket, took vacation from work, etc. etc.

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Hmm, can't pull up their Sunday lineup on their website. Plus is Dirty Looks no longer going to be there as well?? What's going on with this little festival?

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I can't pull up the Sunday page either. If Dirty Looks is gone too then I doubt you'll see me attend this festival next year no matter who they say is on the bill. I'm really indifferent as far as seeing the modern rock bands on the bill. I've seen a good portion of the other bands. There are still a handful I would like to see, Dangerous Toys being one of them. But really they just lost half the bands I wanted to see.


However, I did send them an email asking about Tigertailz and Tyketto. Here was the response:

"Location changed , due to logistical issues. We are calling everyone, so you

will get a call if you can not already. Tigertailz, their Visas didn't work

out in time and Tyketto, one of the main members mother died, and he will be

planning and attending her funeral at that time. All out of our control.

both band has assured they will play the event next year."

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