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Great King Rat: s/t


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I was listening to this one today on the road. Monster of a disc. I'm surprised with all the reissues coming out this one has not. Any other fans of this gem?

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Yep, excellent disc. Much, much better than that 'Out of the Can' disc that came out a few years ago.

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This is one that I'm still hunting for.......what I've heard sounds great and I'd love to see a reissue....


Here you go, a bit pricey but it's a Japan pressing.





Most definitely pricey.....I think I'll wait for the inevitable reissue......or maybe I'll get lucky and pick it up for a reasonable price on eBay....

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I think it is a little patchy. Some really great stuff but a number of fillers along the way as well.


I have had a couple of this disc but have traded or sold all over the years. I only have the Take me back single left. That is the crown jewel of the disc.

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