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Apparently Mark Fox is leaving Shakra


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Just read this over at mr.com.


Apparently if this article is converted to a proper language it says he will leave the band at the end of October after tour commitments as apparently he has been pulling in as little as eu$50 per show:




Anyway, as I said over on those boards I don't really see this as bad news. I'd personally love to see the band go in a totally new vocal direction. Mark Fox and the first dude are so identical I can't even tell on which album Mark Fox came into the band.


I like these guys, but they've become very stale a new voice with some fresh songwriting ideas might be the change they need.

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Wow... right after releasing a new album. I never did like Fox's vocals compared to the first singer, although I agree they are near identical.


Hope the band continues on with a new singer!

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