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HUNTER "L.A Crossfire"

TIM (2)

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This is a nice find from Retrospect, Hunter are from the mid-80's and once had Clyde Holly (R.I.P) from Biloxi on vocals - plus were produced by Bobby Kimball. The quality of CD packaging/production is really high. and despite a slightly tinny sound the quality of music shines through, especially on the stunning "Long Nights" and "What Comes Around Goes Around" (what a hook this song has). Best comparators would be Biloxi and Network (pre-RED DAWN) - some filler on here but definitely enough gems to make this well worth getting...

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I nearly fell off my chair seeing Sam's label list Hunter, looking forward to picking up this CD very muchly :)


I've heard quite a few of the Retrospect stuff (especially in the AOR field) and this is definitely the best - in fact I don't think this band suffer in comparisons to bands like Red Dawn/Network/Biloxi, it's that good. Aside from the couple of blatant fillers this is very very good quality AOR...

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I think this is good... but like you say, Tim, quite a few fillers on this one. I need a few more listens but there seemed to be a lot of "reach for your dreams and never surrender" stuff going on here which made it quite tacky and unpleasant on a lyrical level, but the songs sounded pretty cool.


I prefer Pretty Boy or Defcon personally, but I'll see how this one goes.

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