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Tyketto vs Southgang

Tyketto vs Southgang  

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Aim For The Heart was always one I was partial to! I'm a Southgang man myself, Tyketto never did much for me, sheeeiiiittt! Marvelous 3 was better then Tyketto! Vaughns a talent, but they just never wrote good songs outside the first 2 tracks on that debut, I'm hard pressed to remember any of their other songs!


"Don't Come Easy" is melodic rock perfection IMO.

I can't believe the haters of Tyketto around here.


Me neither.... -_- but.......whatever.



Maybe I'm missing something with this 'marvelous' Southgang loving goin' on.






Your bias goes well beyond the musicality of Tyketto.......without Danny Vaughn you prolly would have never even gave them a first look!!! Let alone listen!!! LOL


But, it's casual...............you take your Tyketto and I'll take Southgang, and know that you're missin' out.... :)


Can't you love them both. :beerbang:

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I've had a listen to Group Therapy a number of times in the past few months and I find it pretty boring. I cannot even compare it to Tyketto. I would howerver like to give Tainted Angel a listen, maybe start from the beginning and get a better feel for Southgang. I want to keep an open mind and I really WANT to see the comparison because as DaHun72 says, I love Tyketto as well, so I want to have another band to love...and to hold and to hug and to squeeze and to call them my very own.

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