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Does anybody else watch Red Eye on Fox News Channel? Oh my god! I cant quit laughing, if anybody doesnt it's essentially a show, where they have on guests(Sammy Haggar tonight) and just pretty much talk shit for a whole hour, make perverted comments, degrade members of the goverment, and celebrities, and they even have a stack of New York Times with a pair of eye balls on it, and aa string to pull up the top part like its a mouth, and he's their liberal insider, if you havent watched it, you should check it out, it comes on at 1a.m. here, so about 11p.m. back east!

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Oh Dude! theres not another show like it! the host is Greg Gutfeld, he's just a sarcastic, perverted, witty, talker, honestly, thats all it is, 6 people, 4 of them are different every night, and they report the news of the day, then sit around and clown it, debase people, and pretty much act like 8th graders, I find it highly entertaining!

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