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Shakin' Street - 21st Century Love Channel


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The Long and I mean long, awaited return of the excellent Shakin' Street with their new album '21st Century Love Channel'. You can check out the Complete album at their web site and bloody excellent it is aswell - the band are rocking big time. Their debut album 'Vampire Rock' has also been re-issued in a limited edition mini LP sleeve version of 1000 copies, so get it while you can. Great band and brilliant to have new material from them.






Six Feet Under

Tell Me The Truth

Viking Rock

Lonely King

Hope Is Here (Catch It)

Sex Shop


Stick To Me

Streets Of San Francisco

Goodbye Pain



Shakin' Street Are:

Fabienne Shine : Lead vocals

Phil Kalfon : Guitar

Ross the Boss : Guitar

Jean-Lou Kalinowski : Drums ,guitar

Mike Winter : Bass

Phil Bonanno : Keyboards


Special guests:

Norbert Krief (Trust) : Guitar

Dorothée Hausser :Backing vocals

Marlon Hausser : Human beatbox

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Holy cow !! I almost forget this band !!!!! (with the very fun guy Philippe Kalfon !!!)

oldie stuff

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GREAT BAND JEZ!! :tumbsup:

Their second is one of my faves :bowdown:


One of my favorite tracks is SUZI WONG :beerbang:


Yeah! great band mate - I love the 2nd one aswell, but the new one kicks serious butt too. :tumbsup:

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