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Anyone heard Amaseffer? Very talented prog power.


Ive just ordered the debut album. Mats Leven/Levin (sp?) does all the vocals. This has a huge production! Sounds like a movie soundtrack to rival Gladiator or something like that. Prob compare to Theocracy, Avantasia, epic Edguy... and yeh other stuff..


Links posted soon.

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This sounds great. Take a bow :bowdown: to the excellent voice of Mr. Leven! I loved him on the Dogface albums. I must check out this Amaseffer release a little bit closer, sounds promising....


Mate id recommend this one big time!

Unfortunately its such an interesting album i have not had the time just to sit down with it all the way through. Its like your listening to an epic movie's soundtrack... with guitar solos! The production is amazing. There are no big choruses or hooks from memory, but i dont think there are meant to be. Awesome concept album.

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  • My Little Pony

Dammit! I wish they would finally release the second installment, but I doubt it will ever see the light of day. Does anyone know what happened?

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