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Japanese sample CDs

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I remember someone mentioning these before within another thread, but cant for the life of me remember which one.

I have recently recieved two Japanese discs recently that have sample written on the disc, which isnt really a bother, but was just wondering what the deal was with these.

Are they just the Jap equivalent of promo discs, or are they something else entirely?

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I remember that thread too but I'm too lazy to go looking for it now... if memory serves, it stated that Japanese discs that have "SAMPLE" stamped around the inner ring are the equivalent of promo copies ... though if that makes them more collectible/valuable than standard issue CDs, I couldn't tell ya.


My Japanese copy of Raven's GLOW album (1994) is stamped "SAMPLE" but even if it is more valuable, I ain't giving it up cuz I bought it from John Gallagher of Raven himself, and he signed it for me, so regardless of its value it's priceless to me. :lol:

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