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Valentine Saloon


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Anybody heard this cd? it fucking rocks, it looks like a queer british album judging by the cover, but it's actually pretty hard, withy sleazy sounding vocals, and a STANDOUT!!! Drummer, who they obviously know is far above average, and they center most of the songs around his difficult patterns, and abnormal style, I saw this in the .99cent rack at the music store I worked at back in 95, but never gave it a second look on the artwork alone, found it in a friends garbage cd's a few days ago, and thought, Fuck It!! might as well see what kind of shit this is. Let Me know if youve heard it. if not check it out!

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It is called Super Duper, I forgot to list that, I mean this is nothing groundbreaking people, don't get the wrong idea, but it is far better then I was ever expecting, if they would have gone a little more in the Sleaze direction, they would have been Groundbreaking, but they fail to garner up enough catchy chorus hooks to fill the songs, so a majority of the songs don't seem like they ever break into a chorus, but they definitly have some major potential!

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