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Elegy discography being reissued


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Looking back on the long career of the band, who have sold more than 250,000 albums in more than 30 countries worldwide, the name Elegy might not have been the best one to choose, even though the dictionary’s explanation is rock solid. Considering the ups and downs the band has gone through, the name has covered a lot for the past 17 years. Metal Mind Productions is proud to present a set of 7 albums covering the band’s entire musical history to date:


“Labyrinth Of Dreams” (1992)

Elegy’s debut LP is an album packed with top-notch progressive metal tunes, thunderous drums and bass, breathtaking twin guitar solos and the dramatic and crystal clear vocals of Eduard Hovinga. Soon after its release, Elegy took Japan by storm - an exclusive sold out show in Osaka took place, as also an extensive promo tour, while Europe still seemed ignorant of their unique sound. The album came out in 1992 and some people compared it to Dream Theater’s “Images and Words”, which was released the same year. It was a great album that got totally overlooked at the time of its first release. The new digipak edition includes 2 bonus demo tracks.


“Supremacy” (1993)

The band’s second full-length album from 1993. That year Ed Warbie personally introduced his successor Dirk Bruinenberg whilst he joined a Dutch band Gorefest. Gilbert Pot filled the slot of the second guitar player, left vacant by van Brussel, to record “Supremacy”, which in all ways shows their drive to thrive on an action packed release. Japan glorified the quintet that found themselves on the verge of a breakthrough. The new digipak edition includes 2 bonus demo tracks.


“Lost” (1995)

The band’s third and final album with Dutch vocalist Eduard Hovinga. While the name of the band itself conjures up dark imagery, musically, it's melodic prog with a punch. "Lost" constitutes an improvement over their previous release "Supremacy", which played out almost like a concept album and which for all practical purposes was a fantastic album, yet it lacked the variety that drives "Lost". This mixture of pop / prog / metal music shows great variety, with an instrumental and busy up-tempo prog, and two very emotionally stirring ballads. The album features “Under Gods Naked Eye” - Elegy's finest song, a four minute and 50 second masterpiece. The new digipack edition includes 2 bonus tracks – demo songs recorded in 1990.


“Primal Instinct” (1996)

An acoustic EP consisting of tracks taken from Elegy’s earlier albums. It was the band’s first release with Ian Perry on vocals. The new digipak edition includes bonus tracks – 1 demo track plus 4 songs recorded in 1998 during the acoustic session in Japan, when Ian Perry was only supported by Henk van der Laars on the guitar.


“State Of Mind” (1997)

Elegy’s fourth full-length album from 1997. With raving reviews all over the world, it sold more than 45,000 copies, resulting in a successful 30 date tour in Europe and the band performing to more than 30,000 people. “State of Mind” showcases an expanded field of operation thanks to Parry’s wide range and it tops its predecessors on all accounts. Elegy filmed their debut video clip “Visual Vortex“, which was broadcast by Viva T.V. Germany, TMF Holland, M-Sat Hungary and the infamous Captain Wada TV show in Japan, followed by a Japanese tour in Osaka and Tokyo, where Ian was nominated in the Burrn! magazine readers poll in the best singers of 1997 category. The new digipak edition includes 3 bonus demo tracks.


“Manifestation Of Fear” (1998)

The band’s fifth studio album. The lyrical concept was contrived by Ian. It is a tale of a young man growing up in a poor and criminal environment who, after years of manipulating others, is helped by a woman who makes him change his ways and repair all the damage he’d done to others. After the release of the album Ian Parry and Henk van der Laars flew over to Japan to do a week of acoustic performances before heading back to Europe to tour with Kamelot. The new digipack edition includes 3 bonus tracks.


“Principles Of Pain” (2002)

The band’s masterpiece. It was the first Elegy album fully produced Ian Perry. “Principles of Pain” was technical in a Progressive Power metal style, containing 2 ballads, 2 Neo-Classical up-tempo double bass drum tracks, and many mid-tempo melodic metal tracks with catchy chorus lines. Much to the fans’ surprise, “Missing Persons” features former vocalist Eduard Hovinga in duet with Parry. It’s an action-packed metal album bursting with musical craftsmanship and extraordinary songwriting, and perhaps one of the most underrated metal albums of the last decade. The new digipak edition includes 4 bonus tracks.


Elegy’s re-issues will be available in a new digipak edition, digitally remastered using 24-Bit process on a golden disc. Each title is limited to 1000 copies. The release date is set up for 23rd March in Europe and 5th May in USA (via MVD).

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nice memory...i still remember when i interviewed them for a friend's fanzine when they had just released their first demo...state of mind is their ultimate masterpiece with the dutch yngwie....and elegy is a fuckin great name for a band and actually suitable for their sound....but obviously their reissuing label used a wrong dictionary....



edit: "europe still seemed ignorant",ahahahaha.....yeah, perhaps we were neading labels from ex communistic countries to teach us about them...

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I lost the first 3 discs and Metal Mind do awesome re-issues - love the gold disc.


Once the lead guitarist left it all went downhill for this band but anyone into speed/neoclassical/prog metal should grab the first 3.

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