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New JORN album titled "SPIRIT BLACK"


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from melodicrock.com


Jorn is working hard on the recording of the new studio album which he plans to entitled Spirit Black. Titles of some of the new songs include “Road Of the Cross”, “Black Heart” and “Rock'n Roll Angel”. Jorn states “People can expect a solid and defined album that will shake the classic metal world and hammer the future Jorn legacy in stone!” Frontiers plans to release the new album in June 2009.



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Yeah, they're always good. Another guy who could do with a bit of variation... mixing it up, perhaps. But I'm sure it'll be solid as hell, though.

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    • I saw from Magnus on You Tube in the video premiere that it's just a one off single that is being released on Vinyl.  There is no album coming in near future. Although, I still wouldn't be surprised to see a deluxe edition of Megalomanium at some point with this song on it.
    • I've seen the term 'Acetards' used a bit on Facebook lately.i guess some people get him. I've never seen him really as a singer at all. He made some earlier stuff work but since then the fun of his weird voice wore off and now it's just embarrassing.
    • He's known as a fearsome predator of the ocean but he's also known for catching rats on land.
    • Predicting that a LeBrock song will be good is kind of like predicting that intimate intercourse with this would probably feel pretty nice
    • Nice to hear that AOR had a big influence on someone that grew up past the 80's music scene. Good writing and the 80's movies someone is putting the songs to really helps bring the songs out. I went through a bunch of the synthwave songs on  this site, not a genre I ever looked at much. Sounds like some decent stuff there, might have to pay more attention to it.
    • Even though loud music had resulted in extreme hearing loss, he wouldn’t change his spots. 
    • 🎸 Prepare for an electrifying musical journey as legendary guitarist AXEL RUDI PELL (AXEL RUDI PELL OFFICIAL SITE) unveils his 22nd studio album, "Risen Symbol"!  Dive into the essence of melodic hard rock with ARP's anthems, perfectly harmonizing with the powerhouse vocals of Johnny Gioeli. 🎤🎶  Join the musical adventure with the dynamic synergy of Axel Rudi Pell, Johnny Gioeli, Bobby Rondinelli, Ferdy Doernberg, and Volker Krawczak for over a decade! 🔥 Tracklist: 01. The Resurrection (intro) 02. Forever Strong 03. Guardian Angel 04. Immigrant Song 05. Darkest Hour 06. Ankhaia 07. Hell's On Fire 08. Crying In Pain 09. Right On Track 10. Taken By Storm  Release date: June 14, 2024 via SPV/Steamhammer. 📅 Save the date for an epic hard rock experience! 🤘🎉 
    • At 1980 are a synthwave due cosisting of Adrian Quesada Michelena from Spain and Josh Dally from England. It started out as a personal project for Adrian who was born in 1980, hence the name. He contacted Josh for a vocal performance on a more or less finished track at the time and then they worked together on another track this time cowriting it and voila At 1980 as a duo was born. The AOR influence you hear comes from the fact Adrian is a big fan of melodic rock.
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