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Anybody had Dealings with rock-pirat77 from Hungary?

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I decided to list my Friction CD on eBay. There's a bunch of watchers, but this guy contacted me and asked me about shipping costs of Hungary. His English wasn't that good, but he said he wants it and wanted the cost. I had it listed with free FexEx overnight shipping in the U.S., but it was $10 more to ship via USPS International Priority, so I told him $10 more. Do you all think that's fair? He has 100% feedback and has paid some pretty high prices for some CD's, but what you see there isn't always the entire story. The auction ends in less than 2 days, so if you know anything about this guy, I'd appreciate your input.

I've never sold something expensive on eBay... usually just crap from my attic, etc.


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he looks legitimate, and seems to spend a sh*t load of cash on cds.


I see he paid $177.50 for trashcan baby (reissue direct from the band for $10), $120 for Fate, $52 for Edane (which you can get for $15 BIN), $50 for Ice Tiger, $81 for TLC,.. Smelly Boggs (for $65, whcih you can get from the band for $15)


The Smelly Boggs purchase was from Adrianio who is a member of this board, so he can probably help you out.

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If there was an award for spending the most money/CD on e-bay, methinks he'd win it! Of course, if it's all worth it to him, that's all that really matters. Not to mention that I'd like to have a few of those high priced discs. I'd sell to him without reservation as he certainly looks to be a very serious collector.......Good luck selling your original pressing of Friction: Baby Talk, it's a fantastic slice of MHR and one of my all-time favorites.....Jeff.

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