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Savatage - Sirens

Nick C

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Cooo! I was just mooching around the net and found out that my copy of Savatage - Sirens on blue vinyl on the Par label is kinda rare! woo!


Funny as back in the 80's at the old Virgin Records in Manchester they had at leat 3 copies in the rack and I kept passing on grabbing a copy, it wasn't until they dropped the price to £1.99 that I picked one up (the price was still on the cellophane a few weeks ago which I removed before putting it back in it's poly sleeve on a tidy up of the olde vinyl). I never even realised it was so hard to come by.


The page I found below is pretty interesting though.


Savatage stuff

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Congrats Nick! That's a find. I've only ever seen pictures of that version of SIRENS...


I have a cassette copy of the first Crimson Glory album (self titled) on the PAR label too, supposedly that's quite collectible as well -- somewhere in the $100 range I believe.

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Hey I got that CD of "Sirens" and "Dungeons"!! Didn't know it was getting rare either..... Wow, got Me a collectible!!! :tumbsup:

Heh!...yeah screw the stock market crash...we're billionaires now! :)

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