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I recently came into a second cd by ACID REIGN and all that I know is that I would put them in the genre of THRASH. Does anyone here no anything more about them such as a list of their cds? Are they still together? Any other info thanks :banger:

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Acid Reign was a British thrash band that put out an EP, two albums, and one compilation back in the late 80s/early 90s.


Some info here:



It appears that a new group (also British) using the same name appeared in 2005, but they haven't released any matieral yet.


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Thanks Fat Freddy looks like I just need one more to complete their catalogue. I need "THE WORST OF ACID REIGN" anybody have it for sale at a reasonable price thanks

I picked it up last year for $10.00 at some sort of expo, I'll be going to SLIPPED DISC on friday.

I'll look for you!

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I had the 'Worst Of' CD, but sold it years ago. I tend to agree with attacker to a point, they weren't great, but did a couple of good songs. 'Motherly Love', sung from the perspective of Norman Bates, is fantastic. Great lyrics and a brilliant Psycho II sample.


The lyrics:


Motherly love lyrics

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