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Has anybody heard the group Tusk? I have a cd called Tales From A Haunted Book, and aside from low budget production, these fuckers rock, you should check'em out, those of you who get into Metal like Gravestone, Breaker, etc... im really interested to know what these guys would sound like with a high budget production job. I bet it would be something else!

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Don't know! saw them in the same catalouge I saw that band Chime, actually I found out about 90% of the cd's I have thru a Metal Disc catalouge, every year they would print a cataloge of the years releases from around the world, this was back before the internet, but I could pretty much just order blindely out of it, and always score, but as far as Tusk go, I think they have 2 cd's out, the other disc is called Requiem for Ecstasy, ive never heard it, I believe they are from Germany, good shit though, they remind me a lot of Gravestone type metal, that dark doomy good metal, it came out in 1998, on Long Island Records, it's not all that rare of a disc, well it is because nobodys heard of them, but I mean the discs are out their, Im thinking about checking out that other disc, Ive heard it's not as good as the one I have though, so im not really sure if I want to, but I more then likely will.

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Oh Sorry! they sound more like Nickleback! thats the closest band I could compare them with, my bad, I'll try not to make such a stupid comparison ever again! I promise.

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sorry for just trying to be helpful to a guy with venom avatar....


No! Im just fucking around man! being a smart ass! the cd I have Tales From... to me, is in line with that type of metal that I hear when I listen to Gravestone, they don't sound anything alike. at all, so I guess I should clarify what im saying, they vibe of the music is that of a weird, dark, heavy metal sound, because lets face it bro, Tusk doesnt have to many bands you can use to give someone a ballpark example of what or who they sound like, because they don't sound like anybody, so you have to go to the next step and compare the style of music. thats all im saying, I just not say it very good.


And that wasnt a shot at you, it was an inside joke over a big rant I just went off on, on the other board, sorry if you thought I was being a dick to you, I wasnt, SO LAY DOWN YOUR SOUL TO THE GODS ROCK AND ROLL!!!!

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