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Evanescence Bootlegs sells for $1,000

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Check out these 2 bootlegs. My favorite is the seller from North Atlanta. If you did not research his feedback you might think he was legit. Then he states he going to throw in an "All Access Pass" to make you think it is real. Only one problem, check his feedback he received on Jan. 19th and he bought the pass. Most of this guy's feedback was on the famous ebay $0.01 auctions. People buy their positive feedback and it only costs a penny!!!!!





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I doubt it's a real sale. So-called "private" auctions are havens for shill bidding. That's the reason I NEVER bid on an auction where the buyer is private. It's too easy for a seller to artificially inflate the bid with a fake ID.



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How could this unmarked CDR be a mega-limited collector's item?




Gimme one and I'll have 100 identical for you by tomorrow, plastic cases included! :rolleyes:



Sure, I'll give you a very nice discount too. Please SEND $100 NOW! :P

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