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  1. Edane-The Beast(reissue) Edane-Jabrik(reissue) Keen Hue- Juicy Fruit Lucy Pokerface-Life's A Gamble HungryHeart-s/t(reissue) St. Warren-Honest Planet
  2. Inside Out-s/t Badlands-Voodoo Highway Passion Rose-Big Deal Cry Wolf-s/t(jap) Kingsuite-s/t
  3. The long wait is finally over. Blackboard Jungle-Welcome To The Blackboard Jungle Pretty Vacant-Walkin' On A Tilt Kidd Havok-Roll The Dice
  4. Received in the mail today: Sacked Out Sherry Sister Sky-Forgiven Uncle Sam-Heaven or Hollywood Thanks to Michael Butt for getting me these cds.
  5. Well i have only received a partial refund of $23. I am still waiting for the other $140, but only time will tell if and when i will see it. I know there are others that have it alot worse, and i hope that everyone involved can salvage something out of this whole mess. I know i have learned my lesson, but i do feel like a dumbass for falling for this scam in the first place. Chris
  6. Sorry it took so long to get my lazy fucking ass over to this thread. We have had our fair share of snow in colorado, in fact a couple of people was selling the snow on e-bay. I guess i picked the wrong fucking career to make money. Perhaps i could use my ice maker on my refrigerator and bootleg some fucking snow to make money for more cds. Sorry i don't ship...pickup only.
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