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  1. Edane-The Beast(reissue) Edane-Jabrik(reissue) Keen Hue- Juicy Fruit Lucy Pokerface-Life's A Gamble HungryHeart-s/t(reissue) St. Warren-Honest Planet
  2. Inside Out-s/t Badlands-Voodoo Highway Passion Rose-Big Deal Cry Wolf-s/t(jap) Kingsuite-s/t
  3. The long wait is finally over. Blackboard Jungle-Welcome To The Blackboard Jungle Pretty Vacant-Walkin' On A Tilt Kidd Havok-Roll The Dice
  4. Received in the mail today: Sacked Out Sherry Sister Sky-Forgiven Uncle Sam-Heaven or Hollywood Thanks to Michael Butt for getting me these cds.
  5. Well i have only received a partial refund of $23. I am still waiting for the other $140, but only time will tell if and when i will see it. I know there are others that have it alot worse, and i hope that everyone involved can salvage something out of this whole mess. I know i have learned my lesson, but i do feel like a dumbass for falling for this scam in the first place. Chris
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