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  1. I suppose, I never use that button but it makes sense
  2. Cool! I figured if it's posted in here I won't have to specify that they're Christian only
  3. I know a lot of those! Some real great albums you listed there😜
  4. What are your favorite albums?? Numbers 1-10, cause it could get to be a lot I know. You don't have to do a certain number but 1, 10, or somewhere in between Back to the Street-Petra Last Train-Holy Soldier Beginnings-Nouveaux On Fire!-Petra This Means War!-Petra Buzz-Guardian Atomic Arena-Barren Cross One More Encore-Whitecross Powerhouse-WhiteHeart High Gear-Whitecross Now I knooowww that there's more but it's soo hard! Peace! Looking forward to your answers!✌️
  5. https://www.christianclassicrock.net/
  6. Looking for the best free guitar lessons that Please don't use Skype?! Thanks! 

  7. I know, I figured, but, To each their own Peace ✌fans!
  8. Holy Soldier- Last Train Petra- This Means War!
  9. That's all on you. Like I said, if you secretly want a very happy song played that's fine by me/us.😋 But, yeah if you want everyone at your funeral crying inconsolably then that's a great choice!
  10. I'll take a look at it more not sure if this is quite what I want, not to be picky lol!
  11. Thanks! I took a quiz, got the Weebly app and now all I need is to get started! 😄
  12. Anyone know how to create a free website, that I can use for a fan website?? I don't want it to look professional, I wouldn't even care if it looked early 2000's like most obscure websites 😂😂 I tried tripod but the form wasn't working so I dunno. But all the others make it look so professional and I don't need or necessarily want that. Anyone know?
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