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  1. Megadeth Killing is my Business and Business is good remaster cd
  2. I grew up in Maryland laws in that state were crazy, I remember a rain tax there not long ago
  3. I dont get the hype for Steel Panther they are like a bad 80s tribute band
  4. I grew up in Maryland used to see shows at Network that later turned into Daytona then when I was old enough Hammerjacks in Baltimore, Frederick had big metal rock scene too I think it still does this is a great blog for metal in MD,dc and northern VA, https://dcheavymetal.com/
  5. King Diamond The Spider's Lullabye on vinyl lp remaster Slayer Seasons of the Abyss on cd Iron Maiden greatest hits cd 2008 Judas Priest Sin after Sin and Ram it Down on cd
  6. I like them see lots of teenagers in Ghost t shirts now they have broken big
  7. it ended up having surprise ending no spoilers
  8. yes this album is a step up from their last couple releases
  9. Nice I thought Bruce last tour with Maiden was in 1993 Raising Hell Concert?
  10. https://metaladdicts.com/site/rob-halford-says-he-would-love-to-see-judas-priest-and-iron-maiden-touring-together/
  11. love this era Sabbath underrated Cozy Powell on drums most Sabbath fans only listen to Ozzy and Dio eras
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