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  1. Love this album, particularly Danger calling. Found the band originally on Youtube in 2006 I think.. a suggestion for the song 'world war' Figured they were pretty obscure but did manage to meet a few people since then that have heard of them!
  2. Rock your body Rock your body Rock your body Rock your body Rock your body! Oh man, it really does grate so much!
  3. Yeah, another person here who thinks Rock your body is decent. The chorus is really bad, but I think musically the rest of it is really good. The solo is particularly tasty, especially those opening bends Rise is the perfect outro song IMO. Oh, I'm thinking one of the highlights of the album is the solo section in Victory - the keys starting, then Dave, then ends a bit Racer Xish
  4. Aye Dave and Jona were always the main writers, back on the first few albums. We are gods is cack though. I've been skipping it every time I've listened to the album the last few days.
  5. I've had my first listen and still think One by One, Dangerous Ground and Rise are the highlights. Some choruses and lyrics are... not very good. Too much word repetition. Also.. so.much.awful.rhyming.
  6. Yeah Dangerous Ground is my favourite at the moment - probably due to overplaying Rise and One by One :D
  7. I prefer it to come clean, haha.
  8. But yeah back on topic, I'm looking forward to the new One Desire too I remember that Sturm und Drang band from back in the day so was kinda surprised when I heard "one of those really young metal lads" was joining a melodic rock band. He still looks sorta outta place with his flying V (not that I care about image really) but it's all good
  9. I love the first three HEAT albums, but not so much the last two at all. So it's not so much a singer thing with me - I really like both, but I do wonder if it's the Eric/Dave combo that really does it for me, as I'm a guitar player and I find all the lead playing on the first two albums really amazing stuff. Beg beg beg is great! though I wish they'd play just it and not transition into other songs like highway star covers or whatever. And Danger Road should never not be on their live setlist. It's criminal that shite like a shot at redemption and mannequin show are still sat on the
  10. I like the new song but it's a touch generic. The solo is a bit the same, no real ear grabbing hooks that jump out like the previous two songs. Slow down, Dave But yeah, it's still REALLY good.
  11. This is shaping up to be a great album
  12. The band has no identity either, which I'm surprised I care about so much. Feel like the current bunch will just vanish someday and we'll see new faces without a word mentioned!
  13. It sounds more like the first two albums to me...
  14. Aye, it's top notch stuff. Did Dave have much writing input on the last album? I'm wondering if this is his first proper release since rejoining...
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