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  1. It sounds more like the first two albums to me...
  2. Aye, it's top notch stuff. Did Dave have much writing input on the last album? I'm wondering if this is his first proper release since rejoining...
  3. It's unlisted for some reason -
  4. Yeah I won't be going near this one either, and I like the other two albums.
  5. Nah, not at all. Shot at Redemption is utterly generic (HATE this live, ZZZZzzz), Mannequin Show has that horrible keyboard on it (my friend when seeing them live made the obvious "Britney Spears?" comment), All the Nights just doesn't really hit that emotional mark for me.. Tearing down the walls track sounds like something that's been done a million times by a million other bands. Laughing at Tomorrow doesn't work for me either and I was REALLY looking forward to that from the studio videos. Such a weak album closer from them. They went for a harder sound on the album and just ended up sounding too generic. Point of no return, Emergency and We will never die are class though. I really like pretty much every song from the first 3 albums so they're better in my opinion.
  6. Yep I'm super excited for this, as the last two albums haven't come close to the quality of the first three for me. It's just a shame Eric Rivers isn't there!
  7. Really like the new singers voice Been waiting for this album since We are the legion was released a year and a half ago!
  8. Yeah really liking this too, so far. A step up from the previous which I thought was pretty good in itself!
  9. Yeah Eye of the storm is probably one of the best songs on the new album. Agree with you on Laughing at tomorrow.. I remember being so keen to hear it based on the studio session videos they were uploading for the album, but it just didn't work at all for me when I finally heard it. Such a weak ending to the album
  10. "Mannequin Show (how did this not get on?)" - Because it's not very good? It's really hard not to get over the "sounds like Britney spears" thing. I brought my friend to a gig and she immediately spotted the similarities, despite never having heard it before.
  11. Beg Beg Beg is great! A shot at... and Best of the broken are awful though.
  12. They did actually - they told me who - but it's still a secret I believe
  13. Great tune, but I wish he'd lay off the sweep picking on the guitar solos. It got tiresome in Art Nation.
  14. Am pleasantly surprised by this. Didn't know what to think of the new singer based on the two awful promo pictures Like his vocals a lot though and the track is pretty damn good Excited for the album now!
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