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Beware of buying this bootleg- rip off cd

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Hey guys, I wish I had better news to report but I don't want anybody getting screwed on this like I did. There is a seller on Ebay (century-moon) that is selling Badd Boyz - S/T Japan cd's and they are total bootlegs. The cd itself looks very funny on top & bottom and the inserts are just a bit off on writing & blurred in some places. I have owned this cd before from a Japan seller and I know this is not a legit press. Not to mention he has a huge freakin stack of them apparently.


Stay clear of this one..... <_<




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I've had a run in with century-moon myself (Keel - The Final Frontier). Just email the guy & tell him that the cd you got is a bootleg & demand a refund. He offered me a 30% refund if I wanted to keep the disc or a total refund if I sent it back to him. We eventually settled on a 50% refund. Good luck!

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Yeah, you can tell by what he is selling that they are boots. I actually bought a Pantera - Power Metal, only offered him $10 for it on a Buy It Now $39 auction and he took it. I knew it was a bootleg going in though. I just wanted a good sounding copy of this CD for cheap. Its not a bad quality boot though, the artwork is just a tad small so. The CD sounds great and is silver pressed.

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