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a strange ebay occurrence....

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i keep getting questions submitted through ebay concerning the items i have listed this week, from the same email address but the first email claimed they were in Hawaii and this new one claims they are in Italy.


The email address is UseTheYellowButton@ebay.com

but the ebay user names are different....

this is VERY strange.

I have dealt with this email address before , several months ago, and if i am correct , the outcome was not good.

I think i also received some fraud mail from this email addy thru ebay too.

Can anyone shed light on this???


Hugely appreciated,


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Don't freak out...when the email address is "usetheyellowbuttom@ebay.com" it simply means that the ebay user who posed the question has chosen to have his email addess hidden. It's ebays way of telling you to respond to the users question by clicking on the yellow button that says "respond now" (or something like that) that's included in the email. That will route your response through ebay's messaging system.

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Exactly.... When a possible buyer clicks on Ask Seller A Question, they have the option to Hide their e-mail address, and that's the thing you'll see... UseTheYellowButton....


Check your messages in your Ebay page

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