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Another dubious auction...

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Have been looking to get Bo Bice's new CD off eBay & I noticed this.... Check out the small print. I'm not really after a "back-up copy" - whatever that might be? Anyone got any idea what I'm likely to end up with should I buy this???


Always worries me when people add the caveat: "Please email me if you dont understand what you are buying". :blink:

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Sheeeeeeeeesh. I can't even READ the fine print!!! :blink:



It's a brand new release. Why would it be "Remasterd" already? Am I that naive? Does that really happen so soon?



Walks like a duck to me..... ;) But I dunno.

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Enlarde the print and you get this:


This Auction is 100% legal provided you abide by the following terms and conditions:- This CD is for back-up purposes ONLY - it is the buyers responsibility to own or possess the ORIGINAL recordings by the artist, and should the CD contain any material/albums that are not owned by the buyer - then it is their own personal responsibility to destroy/remove any material/albums from their collection within 24 hours of receipt to abide by Copyright laws. I will not be held responsible for any misuse of this item and accept no responsibility once this item has been dispatched. Please don't hesitate to contact me regarding this item. BUY PRESSING THE BUY IT NOW BUTTON YOU AGREE THAT YOU OWN THE ORIGINAL AND IS FOR A BACKUP PURPOSE ONLY!! All fees for this item are for handling costs only! I cannot be held responsible due to misinterpretation of the item for sale. Please e-mail me if you do not understand what you are buying. J

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In other words....it's a cdr......

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To cut it short :lol:


I can't believe that little fucktard thinks it's the BUYERS responsibility to own the original. Does he really think that his disclosure protects him? <_<:screwy:

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