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YET ANOTHER EBAY LOSER! Block this idiot too!

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Here is yet another ebay bidder to block - he wins an item and then files a claim with paypal shortly afterwards without ever contacting you and you get screwed - although from now on i will do what Lon said in his earlier post. I guess this guys "private" feedback should have sent the red flags up.


EBAY USER ID: haemorrage

EMAIL: danisegi@yahoo.es


Daniel Sevilla Giron

c/ Torre d'enveja 25, 4-3

08800 Vilanova i la Geltru, Cataluña


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Since we are on the subject of Problem Ebayers. NEVER say you think you have seen it all on Ebay. There is always something you thought impossible that could happen.

I had a ebayer from UK today buy a item from my store. On International buyers I never set the calculator or put a price in auction. They always email me ahead of time. Anyway I see that they have already paided for it. Then I notice the shipping is .50. I never sent a invoice so it was impossible for them to get a shipping price since there was none. So I go back and double check the auction and see if I made a mistake. No mistakes so I go into Paypal and refund the money and contact ebay. Ebay said they had no clue how they could have done that. Here is my guess. You can go into your paypal account and look for items you won and pay. I am thinking they went in and gave a shipping price of .50 and paid.

What was really strange about the payment was the .50 showed US shipping even though the buyer was International. I know you can go into your paypal account and add insurance to a item even though the seller doesnt offer it. I have done it many times just to cover my ass. Im thinking you can also change or add a shipping charge.

Like i said You have never seen it all

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Yeah that is very strange......I recently set my shipping prices so they can't be changed, because i have had instances to where buyers would go in and add "their own" shipping price.........Since i use "turbo lister" all my shipping prices are now set in stone and the only thing they can change is whether or not they want to add insurance........




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