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Anyone Seen This?....

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I've been looking for an original copy of this little gem....


Guess I'll just have to keep on looking.... :lol:


Also, 4.50 GBP to ship it from the UK to the UK is just scandalous. :angry:

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The seller is located in Romania !!! Uh, uh ..., you might have to watch out !! :huhsign:

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Notice any similarites to this new listing??  Maybe it's cuz it has the exact same title and wording as well as the seller having a comparable feedback rating...?  Except this time the seller registered in the USA and is from the UK??  :screwy:




Well spotted. Looks like people are steering clear of this one, but the other one sold for 43 GBP... How obvious is this, I mean... no paypal, no wording saying it's an original, & no reserve... These people are stupid. :bigboom:

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