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Heavy Star - Ride On

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'Ride On' out June 28th

From Lions Pride Music:

Heavy Star: Unveiling the Timeless Sound of Rock

Established in 2014, Heavy Star roared onto the rock scene in 2016 with the release of "Electric Overdrive," a testament to founder Marco Kace's enduring love for heavier rock. Influenced by KISS and the rebellious Ramones, Marco shaped Heavy Star's sound as a homage to the mid-'80s rock royalty, blending NWOBHM vibes with the energy of Hair Metal and Glam.

The band weathered lineup changes, welcoming drummer Adriano Jukka Merico in 2017 and bassist Daniele Papale in 2019. The pandemic-induced challenges in 2020 led to vocalist Albert's move to London and the departure of guitarist Danny Slade, prompting a reflective pause.

In 2022, the arrival of lead vocalist Corrado Quoiani revitalized the band, setting the stage for their signing with Lions Pride Music in May 2023. Despite global upheavals, Heavy Star's perseverance bore fruit with the completion of their album, "Ride On," in December 2023. The mix and mastering, guided by Luca Pazienza and Marco "Kace" Capasso, added a contemporary touch, creating a unique sonic experience.

"Ride On" encapsulates Heavy Star's timeless commitment to rock 'n roll, blending nostalgia with a modern edge. Their story is one of evolution, resilience, and an unwavering passion for the music that transcends eras. Get ready to ride the waves of Heavy Star's sonic journey!

Heavy Star is:

Corrado Quoiani: Vocals

Marco Kace: Guitars

Daniele "Vinz" Papale: Bass

Adriano "Jukka" Merico: Drums



01) My Lady Firefly

02) Razor Blade

03) Lexi Love

04) Rock 'N' Roll Again

05) Horizon High

06) Ride On

07) Blame It On Love

08) Round And Round

09) Just Like Madness

10) Lifeline

11) Invisible Enemy

12) As The Wind Blows

13) Walk On Out (Bonus Track)




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